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Contest Log Submission

Use this form to upload your Cabrillo formatted log to the RAC Contest Management Teams Web Log System for log checking and verification of field data. The process checks your log for the required field data, reports any errors and allows you to select from the valid field options if errors are detected as well as making in-line corrections to QSO data should errors be detected.

Once that process is completed, the log is sent to the server and an email is sent to you confirming your log has been received.  Optionally, you can have the updated log file sent as part of that email should you have had to make changes or want a copy of the log that will be processed.

Manual creation of a RAC Cabrillo log file
Thanks to Bruce Horn, WA7BNM who has created a set of web forms to manually enter your RAC log data if you used paper logging or logging software that doesn't produce a Cabrillo file.  Here are the links to the Canada Day form and the Canada Winter form pages on his web site.

Log File Upload
Common issues to avoid:
   - Do not use names like RAC.LOG, the log file name must include your callsign for unique identification.
   - Make sure the Cabrillo field CONTEST: uses the correct name of CANADA-DAY or CANADA-WINTER.

Please make sure your file name clearly identifies your log
    - Usually the file is labled your-call with typical extensions of .log, .cbr or .txt
    - Examples: ve5cpu.log, ve5sf.cbr, ve5rac.txt

Select Contest:

Canada Day
Canada Winter

Use the Browse button to select your log file from your computer

After you have selected the file, click on the 'Send file for Log Checking' button

If you encounter issues or need assistance, please contact the appropriate contest manager:
Canada Day Contest: canadaday@rac.ca
  Bart Ritchie, VE5CPU
Canada Winter Contest: canadawinter@rac.ca
  Sam Ferris, VE5SF

Special thanks to Tzetzo Tishevishki, DL2FQ for programing support and the custom web log checking software.

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 Developed by: Bart Ritchie - VE5CPU - RAC Contests and Awards Committee

Page last updated: June 21-2023